The Chaldean Detroit Times is a publication geared towards the Chaldean and Arab-American communities.  The first issue of the Chaldean Detroit Times (CDT) was published in 1990 for the local Metropolitan Detroit community.  Today, the CDT is the Chaldean and Arab-American community’s LEADING publication and has spread throughout.  Our mission is to provide the Middle Eastern communities, both young and old generations, with a news source both printed and web-based, which presents local, national, and world news from all angles.

We strive, to enrich the Middle Eastern lifestyle to both individuals and their communities through the presentation of events, articles, reviews, as well as other material with Chaldean and Arab-American related content and interests.  We present the information in both English and Arabic to appeal to all of our readers.  Our content consists of information on business news, entertainment, education, politics, religion, culture, and community events which impact our readers.  We receive and publish information from various municipalities, well-known personalities, government officials, civic organizations, business associates, universities, religious institutions, and many others as well.  The Chaldean Detroit Times will continue this mission, and thanks you for your support. We look forward to serving you in the years to come.








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